Development - Applications for Windows and the WEB

    Let IncPark create a solution for you using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net!  We can develop and maintain your corporate applications, components, Web or desktop clients, or back-end data services.  By leveraging Microsoft's .Net(dot-net) Framework and XML Web Services we can create powerful applications for Windows and/or the WEB.  We can also create solutions using Microsoft Access, and SQL Server.

    Do you have information you want to share with others?  With today's WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editors, designing static web pages is a 'snap'.  Most computer enthusiasts have tried it.  Some, have designed sites for their corporations.  But where do you go when you need more than just a static page?  What if you want to take orders over the web (e-commerce)?  What if you want to have an electronic catalog on the web?  Or, maybe you want to get live data into the hands of your remote sales force.  You may want to offer customized pricing, service and support to your clientele.

    We have the answers!

    We have developed web systems for retail, wholesale, and distribution.  We have designed corporate intranets, to implement complex pricing structures, inventory control and more.


    IncPark is a great place to host your corporate website.  We have uniquely positioned ourselves to provide cost-effective Dynamic Web Services.  Many ISP's want to sell you space...we want to be your partner in success.  When you host with us (starting at $15/month) you get:


    We can help you:

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